Father and daughter filmmaker team tackles the idea of sustainability from different perspectives.

Iki Nakagawa

Iki was born in Tokyo, Japan and moved to NYC in 1989. Her works have been presented both in and out of institutions in Europe, US and Middle East including venues like Arteleku, the University of Southern California, Harvestwsorks, the Kitchen, Asia Society, Danspace, 3rd Ward Gallery, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Museum of Chinese in America, The Invisible Dog Art Center, Baryshnikov Arts Center and Culture Center of Muscat Oman She works with variety of people including urban youth in school, post modern choreographers, cultural theorists, a family living in down town loft, singles looking for a date and surfers on the Basque beach, and explores how the act of filmmaking could become a medium of understanding oneself as well as one’s relationship to another. She has taught filmmaking at high schools and universities in Japan and US. In 2010, she took a certification course on divorce mediation.

Kunihiko Nakagawa

Born in Niigata, Japan, Nakagawa lived in different parts of Japan including Nagoya, Osaka, Yamaguchi and Tokyo due to his father’s job.  He grew up in a liberal and democratic environment.  He served as a professor at Zokei University Arts and Design for over thirty years, teaching filmmaking and semiotics.  He screened his films in Grenoble, Koln, Lille, Montreal, Paris and Soul.  He has a critical view towards modernism from a post modern perspective. Working towards this goal he formed a department of sustainability at Zokei University in 2003.

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