Mont Sainte Victoire seen from Richeaume, France

On the foot of Mt. Sainte Victoire, Raphaelle Ottones lives with her husband and two children. Since 2011, she has been trying to convert her family vineyard into organic.

Raphaelle works on one field for two hours, takes a break, and works on another field for few more until she picks up her children. This rather slower pace workflow enables her to maintain the balance between farming and parenting.

Raphaelle belongs to a coop, and through the coop, her grapes will be harvested in the fall and will be put together with other organic grapes from the area to be made into a bottled wine.

“Le Jas”, Rose and Red, Photo by Raphaelle Ottones

Text and Videography (Direction, Camera, Editing) by Iki Nakagawa

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