©2013, Kunihiko Nakagawa
Documented in 2002
Length: 14:49

The film portraits a life of Michel and Alice who own a sheep farm near Toulouse, France. Alice used to work as a nurse and Michel worked as a co-op worker, but when Alice got pregnant they both quit their jobs in order to spend more time with their children.

Michel and Alice believe that mass production reduces the meat quality and the price of meat while making the work more difficult for the farmer. So they raise only two hundred sheep on the pasture paying close attention to their life cycle. Michel also planted many trees near their property in order to restore nature which has been destroyed during 1950′s. They try to live self sufficiently by relying on local market and minimizing consumption. Videographer Kunihiko Nakagawa documented their lives while living with them in 2002.

Production Credit:
Videography (Direction, Camera, Editing) by Kunihiko Nakagawa
Translation by Iki Nakagawa
Subtitling by Suguru Ikeda

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